Pacman Crafts

So, last week my friend and I decided we were feeling crafty. After two hours of sifting through craft books at Barnes and Nobles, we still had no idea what we wanted to do. We then did four or five laps around Michael’s and decided to do some fuse bead art! OH SNAP! I haven’t done that since I was a little Annie.

My attention span lasted long enough to make this dolphin:

I didn't even take the time to pick out a uniform color. RANDO BONANZAAA!!!

My friend cranked out airplanes and robots and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Last night I got my dork on and made a Pacman-themed set as well as a baller Mario.


Literally the second after I took that last picture, I dropped my camera on the peg board. Fml.

EL FIN! Sitting on my fridge

I got a little carried away.

Perhaps this will be my next crafting excursion:


Obviously the above was done by a n00b. A purple ghost? Please. I could make those better.

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