Gluten-Free Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake To Share (…or not)

Gluten Free Raw Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

Ohhhhhhh the noms!!  The noms to be had!!!!!!!  I’ve been on a healthy streak lately, and consequently I’ve been trying to include more vegan and raw vegan foods in my diet.

Cheesecake is on my mind.  Just always.

Since the gluten- and dairy-free lifestyle was thrust upon me, there have been so many double whammies I’ve been craving for:  pizza, mac and cheese, grilled cheese… Most of those are easy to convert, but not my beloved cheesecake.  I realize it’s not “healthy,” but a raw vegan version has to be better for you than one you’d buy from the grocery store, right?

I thought to myself, “Self, there must be a way around this.”  So I pulled out my mini food processor and went to work, and friends, the result is so delicious.  You will not want to share.  The first time I made it, I ate the whole thing in one sitting.

This recipe is easily customizable.  Throughout this post I’ll give you some little notes about why I use what so you can take my recipe and fly with it.



For the crust

If you want a thicker crust, double those.

For the “cheese”


Step 1:  Throw your almonds and 8 dates into the food processor and BLENNNNNNNNND.  If you have a not-so-great food processor like me, it helps if you process the almonds first and then throw in the dates and process them.  Just keep on processing them until the mixture starts getting sticky and building up on the side as such:

Build up!

The reason we use almonds for the crust as oppose to other nuts, is that almonds have a lower fat content than nuts like cashews and walnuts.  They’re a little dryer so they can hold the shape of the crust and make it a little stiffer.  The dates are incredibly sticky.  Dates are great to use in any vegan sweet when you need a little glue to help things stick together.

Step 2:  After that’s all blended up, scoop it out and put it into your container.  Use your fist to press it down firmly.

Step 2:  Chop up your strawberries and throw them in the food processor with the walnuts.  BLEND!

Step 3:  Add remaining dates, lemon juice, agave nectar, and vanilla extract.  BLEND!  (Sensing a trend here?)

Step 4:  Spread you yummy blended mixture on top of your crust, toss it in the freezer, and wait two hours for it to chill.  I got a little fancy for the photo shoot and added some chopped walnuts to the top.

Step 5:  Enjoy!

Feel free to get creative with my recipe!  What would you do differently?

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