A Couple Little Ladies in My Life

For those of you who haven’t noticed or haven’t been over, I have a couple new additions to my lovely little home.  Meet Penny and Lucy!



I adopted them from a local rescue back in September.  I also adopted their sister, but she passed away a few weeks later because she was unknowingly really sick


But expect a zillion pictures and tweets and videos and r/guineapigs lurking for the next few years.  I love them like my own little babies.  My own furry, squeaking, cuddly little babies.

Why guinea pigs, you ask?  Originally I got them because my landlord doesn’t allow dogs, and I’m allergic to cats.  I’ve found that guinea pigs might be my spirit animals though.  They make all sorts of cute sounds, sometimes get so excited they popcorn, and can’t stop exploring.

Here’s a cute video of popcorning

(it’s when they jump and wiggle at the same time because they’re so excited they can’t contain themselves)

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