Backpacking Tips: What to pack

Apparently this is the only picture I took of my pack

Planning on traveling abroad and not sure what to pack?  I did a 30-day-16-cities backpackathon and here’s what I recommend:


This set of items will keep you prepared while keeping the weight down and even saving a little room for knickknacks bought along the way.  The liquids/gels listed will fit into a TSA-regulation-sized plastic bag so you can walk right onto a plane with your pack.

The key is to find as many multi-purpose items as you can, for example solid shampoo can be used to clean your hair, body, and clothes.  A bandana can be used to keep sweat off your face, blow your nose, temporarily cover a wound, or dry off after a shower if you can’t fit a hand towel in your pack.  Nail clippers can clip your nails, thread, zipties, and bags you just can’t get open.

A good rule when trying to decide what to pack and what not to pack is if you haven’t used it in at least the last week, if not the last couple days, you really don’t need it.  If you find yourself abroad and without some absolute necessity, it’s okay, you can always buy whatever it is when you’re there (people live there, too, you know).

Fellow nomads, did I miss anything really important?

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