The headboard


My wonderful friends Ryan and Luke helped me assemble the headboard of my dreams! It’s a lot easier than it looks. We followed a basic upholstered headboard routine with a few modifications. Mine is three separate upholstered headboards bolted together.

3 pieces of plywood, at least 3′ tall and the width of your bed
Enough batting to cover the back and middle layers
A bag of fiberfill
6 yards of fabric (2 yards per layer)
4 bolts
4 washers
4 nuts
1 cleat
And a friend to help

Table saw
Staple gun
Box cutter or knitting needle
Bolt cutter optional


  1. Outline the mountains you’d like on each piece of plywood
  2. Use the table saw to cut out the mountains
  3. Lay the plywood on the ground, overlapping it in the exact position you want
  4. Drill two holes where the front layer overlaps the middle layer
  5. Drill two holes where the middle layer overlaps the back layer
  6. Roll out your batting and lay your back layer FACE DOWN on the batting
  7. Cut the batting so that it’s 2″ wider than your layer
  8. Pull the batting over and staple it down around the back of the plywood (just like on a basic upholstered headboard)
  9. Lay your back layer fabric face down and set your padded plywood on top of it, with the batting facing down
  10. Cut the fabric to the width of your plywood
  11. Just as you did with the batting, pull the fabric taught over the plywood and staple it down.  You may need to make extra cuts around the mountains to keep the fabric from buckling on the front of the piece
  12. Using the box cutter or knitting needle, you’re going to need to pierce the fabric to make way for the bolts.  Make a small hole in the fabric in line with the holes you drilled for the bolts.  I used a knitting needle to do this, kind of janky but it was so much easier going through the hole from the back and piercing the fabric from there.  And you’re done with the back layer!
  13. Take your middle layer and put the bolts through the holes you drilled previously with the threaded end on the back side of your plywood.  Then repeat all of the batting, fabric, and piercing steps as above.  Do not attached to the other layer yet!
  14. For the front layer, put the bolts through the holes you drilled, do not apply batting
  15. Lay the front layer plywood on  your fabric of choice, and staple the fabric to the top, left, and right sides of your plywood
  16. Take fistfuls of fiberfill and stuff the front layer (we used fiberfill instead of batting for the front layer because it’s so much comfier to lean on and gives the layer a cloud-like look)
  17. Now assemble!  Put your layers on top of each other, pushing the bolts through the drilled holes on the layer behind it
  18. Put a washer and nut on each of the bolts, securing it tightly
  19. Screw one half of the cleat into the back of the back layer
  20. Measure the placement of the cleat on the headboard, and screw the other half into the corresponding location on your wall
  21. Cut the bolts if you have a bolt cutter, otherwise drill holes for them in the wall or, if you’re willing to potentially lose your security deposit go ahead and just jam those bolts into your plaster and let your future self worry about spackling later
  22. Hang up your headboard!

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