The Lamp


This was a pretty simple piece, minus the years spent finding the perfect branch and my spray paint flub.

For the basic lamp, I followed this tutorial.

White paper lantern
Pendant light cord
LED bulb
Yarn (optional)
Very long wood screws, at least an inch longer than the thickness of your branch
Drywall anchors (optional, but highly recommended)

Power drill
Hot glue gun


  1. Have a friend hold your branch in place (if you’re using anchors, mark where you need them to be placed and install them)
  2. Drill your wood screws into your branch to secure it to the wall.  If your branch is in a corner like mine, you must drill screws into the branch in both directions.  I also highly recommend putting installing screws higher up on the branch if possible to support your lamp.
  3. Open up your Chinese lantern and hot glue handfuls of fiberfill to it like in this video tutorial
  4. Put your light into your lantern and plug it in to make sure the cloud looks the way you want it to
  5. If you want your cord to be a different color, remove the light from the lamp and wrap the cord with yarn (see an example here)
  6. Hang up your lamp on your branch!


I had what was probably the worst crafting flub of my entire life.  Originally, I tried spray painting the cord.  “How simple,” I thought.  “Why are there no tutorials for this online?!”  Because it doesn’t work.


If you spray paint rubber, i.e. an electric cord, the paint will only ever dry to “tacky” which is THE WORST thing to try to fix.  I originally tried crocheting yarn around it, but it was so sticky (note the large amount of guinea pig hair stuck to the only portions of paint that didn’t rip off).  After several days of wanting to throw it away and just buy a new one, I ended up covering the cord in baby powder and then wrapping it with yarn.  It takes for-freaking-ever, so I have no judgement for anyone who doesn’t want to wrap a cord.  It’s terrible.  But it looks so nice.

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