The Shelf


I needed more room for all my tchotchkes and a way to make my branch lamp look more finished.  This shelf is easy peasy!

2 shelf brackets
2 pieces of wood (one should be slightly shorter than the other so the cord can fit through it)
Gold spray paint
Wood stain
4 drywall anchors
4 long screws that correspond to your anchors
4 short wood screws
Polyurethane sealer

Screw driver
Paper towels or clean rags for staining


  1. Sand down your wood
  2. In a well ventilated space, lay down a tarp (or, in my case, a garbage bag), and apply your first coat of wood stain
    I originally went with Minwax Gunstock which should have been a honey brown and came out like the grossest mulch-y red despite three coats (on the left).  I then bought it in Jacobean instead to tone down the redness (on the right) and was really happy with the resulting color.
  3. While your stain is drying, spray paint your shelf brackets
  4. Once you’re happy with the stain color, apply the sealer and let that dry
  5. In the meantime, measure the screw holes in your brackets and mark the placements on the wall so you know where to install the anchors.  You absolutely should be aiming to install this into the studs in your wall, especially if you’re planning on putting anything heavy on the shelf
  6. Install your drywall anchors
  7. Measure the distance between the anchors and the distance from the wall to the closest anchor.  Mark those measurements on your boards
  8. Using the small screws, attach your brackets to the boards at the markers you just made
  9. Using the screws that came with the brackets, attach your shelf to the wall
  10. Decorate with books and things!

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