Collages are Cooler Than I Remebered

My friend called up and asked if I wanted to make some collages.  Yeah sure, why not?  She brought over a couple stacks of magazines, I whipped out the mod podge, and they turned out way cooler than I remembered the collages of my childhood.

(that’s mine up there!)

The text was typed up using a Dymo label maker, if you were curious.


A bouquet of roses made of bacon?!  AND instructions on how to make them?!

A vegetarian’s worst nightmare and a romantic carnivore’s dream. This is quite possibly too good to be true.

What are your thoughts?

Click the picture for instructions on how to make them!

Designed a new hat yesterday!

I needed a break from a rough week, so I designed this baby last night. WOO!  I can’t decide if I’m going to sell the hat or just the pattern or just keep it all to myself.  Haha

Crafty Cat!

Taking a break from travelling to geek out on crafty cats.

A handmade Christmas

As a poor college student who happens to be really good with fiber arts, I decided to knit and crochet Christmas presents for my family this year.  I worked for like… 24 hours straight and still didn’t finish my dad’s mittens, but they’ll be done soon!!

My family was very pleased with my baller gifts 8)

Apple coasters for my mom

A knitted earflap hat for Johnny

A beard hat for Mike, the shoveling king

They couldn't decide which one they liked best haha